Based on the last evaluation visit carried out on 19th August 2020, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, President of COCAN has appraised the notable advancement of works on the Olembe Sports Complex site as of this 22nd September 2020.

The President of COCAN 20 – 21, Professor Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI has observed a lot of progress this September 22nd 2020 on the part of the Canadian company, MAGIL that is charged with the construction of Yaounde Olembe Sports Complex. The all in one Sports Complex, that involved a competition stadium, two annex training grounds, a commercial center, a hotel, three Cinema halls, pitches for hand games an Olympic swimming pool and a host of others has seen most of these compartments approaching its finalization phase.

Contrary to public opinion longing to witness the different compartments of the complex emerged on different sections, the Olembe Sports Complex is a all in one structure with the main structure  incorporating the other compartments like the hotel, commercial center, cinema halls in one whole. The commercial center is near completion the hotel is also been constructed at same time with the main structure. Talking about the stadium proper, the 60000 seats have all been set up, the turf is completely green and has been trace already, the press boots and tribune are ready including the Presidential log, the sound system set up. In short the structure is undergoing its finishing for what concerns the main stadium. Talking to the press during the routine working visit aimed to evaluate the progression of works, the President of COCAN 20 – 21 expressed his satisfaction concerning the progress of works on the Yaounde Olembe Sports Complex. The Sports Boss used the opportunity to congratulate MAGIL construction for respecting the recommendations dished out to her during the last working session on 19 August 2020. The company was instructed to concentrate work on the lighting system of two training grounds such that they can be ready to host the CHAN 2021 competition, and also to improve on the turf, a situation that has been done perfectly. The Minister of Sports and Physical Education was accompany by the Governor of the Center Region, President of the Yaoundé Site Committee, NASERI Paul BEA and officials of partner administrations involved in the realization of the project.


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