This was during the installation ceremony presided by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Prof Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI on the 5th of September 2019 at the Yaoundé Multipurpose Sports Complex. 

 Eight of them in number, seven men and a woman, all with the rank of a Director of the central service, gained the confidence of Sports and Physical Education Boss, Prof Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI. The sumptuous 5000 seater competition hall of the Yaounde Sports Complex was jammed to capacity with relations, friends, and well-wishers of the recently promoted official.

It all began with the reading of the decision that appointed the just promoted in their various posts of responsibilities followed by the installation address of the presiding officer, Prof Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI. It is on this note that the name MOUSA BOUBA was made public as the new Director of General at MINSEP, SANGO Leon Godlife, formal Director of High Performance Sports was drifted to head the Department of Norms and Sports Organisation Follow-up, letting his position to the newly promoted NGANA Euguene Emery Anselme, who until the date of promotion, headed the Follow-up Unit of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education. The list continued with the Head of Division of Studies, Planning and Cooperation in the person of MANKOLLO NYAKA Alain Bruno. He is not new in the Division because he has spent some time there, first as Assistant Research Officer then head of the studies and planning unit before his promotion. TAMBA II Jean Louis is the new head of the Department of Development of Physical Education. Though coming from another Ministry, MINAC, he remains a product of the Sports and Physical Education Ministry. MEDOUANE Alvine Noelle Hortense, the only hen on the list, is seen to occupy the post of Inspector of Service. TAMOUFE SIMO Raymond Charlie and Eric BINFON WIYNDOLA seen to respectively occupy the posts of first and second Advisers of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, are not new in the post of Director as TAMOUFE was Technical Adviser N° 2, BINFON, Inspector of Services N° 2 before promotion.

In his installation address, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education did not fail to congratulate the newly appointed officials for the merited confidence of the hierarchy.  He also used the opportunity to remind the audience that all promotions, no matter the level emanate to consecrate hard work and professional excellence noticed by the hierarchy.

Before proceeding with the installation proper of the newly appointed, the Sports Patron did not hesitate to outline the very urgent concerns the ministry is set to uplift in just a while. He instructed the strict follow up of the construction and rehabilitation works on the facilities that shall host the AFCON 2021 and the CHAN 2020. Minister MOUELLE KOMBI continued saying that the participation of Cameroon during international sporting events should be well mastered both in terms of its calendar, technical knowhow and financial constraints. Reaffirming what he said during the presentation of New Year wishes ceremony, the Minister insisted on serenity and harmony to reign within the sports movement. The consolidation of the teaching of Sports and Physical Education in our educational system in relation with the different sectorial ministerial departments concern remain one of the major priorities, the Minister asserted. It was after this brief description of concerns that the Minister of Sports and Physical Education installed the newly appointed officials to their various post of responsibilities.


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