"It is essential that we do more to integrate digital advances into the functioning of our public services and our economy. The upcoming digital society will not wait for latecomers ". Thus expressed the President of the Republic, Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA in his message to the Nation on December 31, 2018. This exhortation came after that of 2015 in the same circumstances, through which the Head of State State recalled the urgent need to make up for the digital divide our country is facing in order to make ICTs a valuable resource for achieving the development objectives contained in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP) . He said in these terms: "We must catch up as quickly as possible in the development of the digital economy. This is a real accelerator of growth, in addition to being a real niche of new jobs for our youth. We must be able to take full advantage of it. The Government, in its organization, will give this sector all the attention it deserves ".
This insistence of the Head of State is a clear and palpable proof of his strong will to integrate the use of ICTs for the modernization of our administration. The Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, whose main target is young people, is particularly concerned by this high presidential prescription. As I stated on January 17, 2019 at the vows ceremony, President Paul Biya pays particular attention to sporting issues. In his profession of faith as a candidate in the presidential election of October 7, as in his speech swearing after his brilliant reelection and in his message of greetings of December 31, 2018 to the Nation, the sport and the physical education occupy a place of choice in the policy of the Great Opportunities of the President of the Republic. This is why we have placed the year 2019 under the generic theme "Physical and Sports Activities: Leverage Social Cohesion, a Great Opportunities Field". This theme structures and underpins the political vision of our actions during the current year.

Cameroon is a great sport nation. It must be always more. It must be admired across borders, seas and oceans, when it unfolds in the field of physical and sports activities. Sport must continue to contribute to the international influence of our country. Like physical education, it must remain both a factor of national integration and unity, a vector of social inclusion and cohesion, an engine for mobilizing communities around these noble ideals promoted by the Olympism. Let's not lose sight of the main objective assigned to the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education by the Strategy Paper for Growth and Employment, namely "to consolidate the health-capital of populations and promote branding. of Cameroon by the achievement of high-level sports performances ".
Both the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education will have to act for the consolidation of the three strategic axes defined by the DSCE, namely: the supervision of the sports movement, the development of sports infrastructure and governance and support in the sport and physical education sub-sector.
It is therefore necessary to increase the number of media and information channels so that the activities of our ministerial department are more readable and more visible. Hence the redesign of the MINSEP website which will retrace the flagship activities of our ministerial department.
I urge the staff of the central, decentralized, attached and supervised departments of MINSEP to contribute to the perpetuation of this important communication tool and all other media, in order to contribute to the inking of ICTs in their daily lives, major objective being the modernization of our administration that the Head of State calls for all his wishes.


Minister of Sports and Physical Education


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